Platform and Principles

Bull Moose Principles and Platform

The Progressive Bull Moose Party Platform

This is a draft of the Progressive Bull Moose Party Principles and Platform. If we can achieve even one third of these ideas it will go a LONG sea mile toward giving power back to the American people. If anything on here stands out to you as being particularly important or something you disagree with, please say so. (Please join the conversation:


Election Reform

  1. Abolish Corporate Personhood.
  2. Repeal Citizens United and the McCutcheon Rulings.
  3. Kill Super PACs & End Big Money in Politics.
  4. Reform Campaign Finance Laws.
  5. Allow Open Primaries, with Top Three Advancing to General Election.
  6. End Partisan Gerrymandering–Establish Non-Partisan Redistricting Commissions
  7. Establish Direct Election of SCOTUS
  8. Create a “None of the Above” Option in All Federal Elections


Wall Street and Corporate Reform

  1. End “Too Big to Fail”—Bust ‘em Apart. Resurrect Glass-Steagall.
  2. Eliminate Corporate Welfare—Including Tax Breaks, Subsidies & Loopholes.
  3. Tame Rampant Income Inequality—Including Establishing Equal Pay for Women, a Living Wage & Increased Taxes on the Billionaires & 0.01%. Strengthen Social Security (Remove the Ceiling).
  4. Cap the Size of Corporations. End Hostile, Unproductive Takeovers & Leveraged Buyouts; Stop Mergers that Undermine Competition.


Smaller, More Responsive Government

  1. Establish Term Limits—Including Lobbyists, Congressional Staffers, Agency “Lifers,” and the Chief Justice.
  2. Rein in Spending. Balance the Budget. Payoff the Debt.
  3. Rein in Corporate Lobbying.
  4. Halt Domestic Spying Without a Warrant. Abolish Secret Courts.
  5. Establish a National Referendum Over Extended Military Action.

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